Recorded Guided Meditations

Meditation on Releasing Old Emotional Energies    (20 min)

Our bodies are constantly reacting and responding to the environment around us, to the trigger or stimuli in our environments. An emotion is an electro-chemical event, and any emotion that is repressed or denied, will eventually find a way of expressing itself in the form of sickness or disease, tumultuous life situation, or an eventual mental or emotional breakdown. By recognizing and releasing old emotional energies from our bodies, we are freeing ourselves from the burden of holding these old pains and, thus, are making space for positive experiences and emotions to enter our lives.

During this meditation, you will be releasing old negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear) from your body and mind and replacing them with positive emotions/experiences that will uplift and keep you at the highest vibrations. These newly created positive energies will be sent back to your past experiences and people from your past to bring peaceful resolutions, forgiveness, and blessings.

Cost: $10 (Use Code: GRATITUDE50 for 50% discount)

Meditation on Visualizing & Manifesting Your Desired Reality (20 min)

Our world is programmed with universal (energetic) laws that are required to give us experiences that are a vibrational match to us. When we achieve enough vibrational resonance with our desires/wishes, these desires appear in our experience. The whole universe is constantly rearranging itself to accommodate our wishes and desires, and what we need to do to manifest our desired reality is not only setting the intent but also feeling that our desires are coming to our life. The more attention we give to the feeling of having what we desire, the quicker it will manifest into our life.

During this meditation, you will be creating your desired reality with the power of your imagination and intentions. As the artist, the creator of your life there are no limits to what you can live in this life, to what you can create. By following the guided steps and your own inner guidance and visualization, you will enter the alchemical state – this is a state where magic exists. What you need to do next is to surrender your wishers/desires to the universe so that they can return to you in the most perfectly manifested form.

Cost: $10 (Use Code: GRATITUDE50 for 50% discount)

Meditation on Activating, Balancing & Aligning Energetic Centers/Charkas (45 min)

Human beings have seven bodies, each corresponding to one of the seven colors of the spectrum:

  • The red-ray body – Chemical Body – elemental body without the form
  • The orange-ray body – Physical Body Complex – body formed without self-awareness (the body in the womb)
  • The yellow-ray body – Physical Vehicle
  • The green-ray body – Astral Body – lighter body packed more densely with life
  • A blue-ray body – Light Body
  • The indigo-ray body – Etheric Body or Gateway Body – complete light
  • The violet-ray body – Buddha Body – the body which is complete

The energy that create these seven bodies is a universal type of energy that streams into our planetary environment and comes in through seven energy centers (chakras) to develop and perfect these bodies. Each energy center has seven sub-colors. Negative emotions and past life experiences can block the flow of energy in one or all the chakras thus creating imbalance between body, mind and spirit.

During this meditation, you will be guided how to activate, balance and align your energy centers. By activating and balancing energy centers, you are allowing universal energy to move smoothly through all your bodies and to keep your bodies in total alignment and harmony.

Cost: $35 (Use Code: GRATITUDE50 for 50% discount)

Meditation on Stimulating Kundalini (Life-Force) Energy (30 min)

Kundalini is a part of the subtle body along with energy centers (chakras) and energy channels. Kundalini energy is the basic life force that is within us and moves up along our spine. The root chakra, which is the energy center located near the perineum, is the cradle for this energy. After the kundalini has been stimulated, the energy runs all the way up through the bodies’ main energy channel and out of the crown chakra (it is located 6” above the head). When kundalini energy rises, it moves like many serpents up the spine. An open kundalini means that over some time, a complete cleansing of the chakras, the body parts, and the energy channels may be obtained. Kundalini awakening will take time and practice as this energy rises and falls naturally. Kundalini energy can be stimulated in many different ways though breathing, visualizing, physical exercises practiced in yoga.

In this meditation, you will be given several breathing exercises (abdominal breathing, moving energy up the spine, bringing life-force energy to the center of your head) to prepare for the kundalini energy stimulation. In the last practice (raising of the single serpent), you will be guided to bring the energy up and over the two hemispheres just under the top of the brain. This movement of the energy is cobra-like (the tail of the serpent extends down the full length of the spine to the base while the hood of the cobra is extended over the two hemispheres of the brain). Before you start these practices, we will call upon Kundalini Snake Goddess to clear, balance and align the energy centers (chakras).

Cost: $20 (Use Code: GRATITUDE50 for 50% discount)

Meditation on Connecting with Your Spirit Guides/Divine Team (20 min)

Each human being has a team of spirit guides (divine team) assigned to them for guidance, protection, and support. The number of spirit guides vary depending on what is most needed in a specific incarnation and at different times of our lives. The spirit guides might include archangels, guardian angels, ascended masters, departed loved ones, spirit animals. Spirit guides communicate with us through all our senses, and we can tune to them messages by listening to our hearts, to our intuitions. Through prayer, projected thoughts and strong intentions we can invite more conscious contact with them, we can invite them to walk along with us on our sacred journey.

This meditation will help you to get closer to your spirit guides, feel their unconditional love, receive messages from them, and ask for their guidance and support. Your guide will offer you a beautiful crystalline box which has healing effect and magical power. The healing energy transmitted through the box will transmute anything that is not serving you anymore and makes you free from any guilt, shame, regrets, worries, pain or sorrow. You can also use this magical box to keep your wishes and desires, and your spirit guides will help you to co-create them with you.

Cost: $10 (Use Code: GRATITUDE50 for 50% discount)

Meditation on Self-healing Though Forgiveness & Gratitude (25 min)

Forgiveness is one of the greatest gifts of our life. It enables us to be released from the sorrows and pain of past experiences. Although it can arise spontaneously, it can also be developed through meditation practices. Forgiveness is simply an act of the heart, a movement to let go pain, resentment, the anger that we have carried as a burden for so long. Forgiveness does not in any way justify or disregard harmful actions. By forgiving we are simply releasing the burden from ourselves, and we are returning to the peaceful state of mind which eventually leads to healing our hearts and our bodies.

In this meditation, you will be provided with some techniques on how to forgive yourself and others in order to release the karmic ties from other people or circumstances and how to remain in a state of love and gratitude. You can repeat these practices as many times as needed until you feel complete peace in your heart and your mind. Forgiveness cannot be forced, but when you fully release the burden of hatred and pain from your heart and mind, you will notice how your body becomes lighter and healthier.

Cost: $15 (Use Code: GRATITUDE50 for 50% discount)

Meditation on Accumulating Abundance & Prosperity (25 min)

Abundance is limitless and is everywhere in the Universe. As divine beings we have immediate access to universal resources. Abundance is our birthright. We don’t actually have to even think about abundance, prosperity or wealth. We just need to stay consistently enough in the vibration of gratitude for being abundant and prosperous in all areas of our life (partnerships, friendships, career, health, etc.), then abundance and prosperity would come to our life from the most unexpected places, in the most unexpected ways. This is how the universal law of attraction works.

This meditation will provide you with a powerful alchemical practice on turning water into abundance, prosperity and wealth. You are magician, you are divine, and you can create anything you want just with the power of your intentions and imaginations. By following guided steps you will enter at first the vibration of gratitude about water and money to raise your vibration to the manifestation state and then by neutralizing any remaining contracts/agreements from your past incarnations, you will remove all remaining blockages to allow abundance and prosperity to come into all areas of your life.

Cost: $15 (Use Code: GRATITUDE50 for 50% discount)

Meditation on Accumulating Love & Inner Peace    (35 min)

Love is the highest vibration in the universe. Love has the power to heal, to forgive, and to bring inner peace. By deliberately working on expanding the feeling of Love, we are raising our vibrations to the energy level of Unconditional/Universal Love which we can use further for healing and balancing our bodies and minds. Universal (Unconditional) Love is the balance point for emotional responses.

During this meditation, you will be guided to find the place in your body where you know that the feeling of “Love” is the strongest, and by using the guided steps you will be expanding the feeling of “Love” so that you can send it back to all cells and atoms of your body, to all people in your life, to Mother Earth and to all beings on Earth. By sensing and feeling this accumulated feeling of Unconditional Love, you will come to the state of total inner peace and bliss.

Cost: $10 (Use Code: GRATITUDE50 for 50% discount)

Meditation on Releasing Old Self & Embracing Future Self (45 min)

Everything is changing in our lives, including our bodies, our desires, our belief systems. However, very often we accumulate so many painful memories in our bodies and minds that prevent us from living fully our desired reality. Our Future Self, which is the expanded vibration of Love, Joy, Compassion, is ready to enter our lives. But we need first to release our old self, to release our old pain and sorrow from our body and mind so that we have enough space for new ideas, desires and blessings to manifest into our lives.

During this meditation, you will meet your old self and communicate to your old self your willingness to take care of it with love and grace. You will be guided to extend the feeling of love, grace, compassion and send it to your old self, to your body, to everyone and everything you can encompass in your mind. Then you will be guided to let go of your old self, your old experiences and memories that are holding you back and to welcome and embrace your future self, your expanded self. You will then be guided to feel the interconnectedness of all things and the vibration of your freedom of being you.

Cost: $35 (Use Code: GRATITUDE50 for 50% discount)

Meditation on Clearing & Healing Ancestral Lineage and Karma (30 min)

Ancestors are imprinted in our DNA and bloodlines whether we have connections with them or not. Ancestral trauma, pain and negative behavioral patterns and habits can prevent us from fully living our desired life. Clearing and healing the ancestral lineage can assist us with shifting ancestral trauma and established patterns, resolving pain and negative karma, and freeing us to live a better life.

During this meditation, you will meet one of your spirit guides who will take you through the magical bridge to meet your maternal and paternal ancestral lineage. By following guided steps and, with the help of Archangel Michael (protection angel) and Archangel Rafael (healing angel) and the violet flame of transmutation, you will dissolve your ancestral and your own karma that is holding you back, cut the lower vibrational cords attached to ancestral lineage and heal the places where cords have been cut away.

Cost: $20 (Use Code: GRATITUDE50 for 50% discount)

Meditation on Healing Your Body – Self-Healing Practices (35 min)

Healing is a part of the awakening process. We, as divine human beings, have the ability to heal ourselves by raising our vibrations through positive thinking, intention and imagination and by deliberately directing our love energy to those parts of our body that require our attention, liberation and healing. Our body is full of messages, and we just need to learn how to tune in into its frequency in order to release stuck energy from the body and let the healing process follows.

By this meditation, you will be guided to separate your awareness from your body and by accumulating the feelings of Love, Joy, Excitement direct these feelings to those parts of your body that would benefit from these higher vibrations. You will be asked to focus on how your body and awareness feel receiving these higher frequencies, higher vibrations of the healing energy. Further you will be asked to focus on two specific conditions in your body that you would like to release from your consciousness and by deliberating sending your accumulated vibration of love to those parts of your body you will intensify the self-healing process.

Cost: $25 (Use Code: GRATITUDE50 for 50% discount)

Meditation on Inner Child Healing (30 min)

Each of us has an inner child living inside of us. Our inner child is a part of our subconscious that holds all memories (good and bad), emotions and beliefs from the past as well as our hopes for the future. The negative childhood experiences, traumas, neglect, abuse usually are hidden deeply in our subconscious and prevent us from living the life we desire. When we make a space for inner child healing, we will open the door for new opportunities to enter into our lives, we will notice the positive changes occurring in our lives. Because the key for living a happy life is to nurture a happy child inside of us.

During this meditation, you will be guided to recognize the absolute innocence of your inner child and to forgive yourself and others by embracing your inner child with unconditional love and compassion. Along with your higher self (which is an extension of your soul that exists in the higher dimensions, in the invisible realm of Love) you will be guided to release all suffering from your past and heal all wounds from your little body. Your inner child and your higher self then will bless you with holy water and the mantra of compassion (OM, MANE, PADME, HUM).

  • OM is the sound of creation that will clear your mind of self-hating thoughts and will align your awareness with the frequency of your sovereign being.
  • MANE means the jewel and it will reconcile your awareness with acceptance of your divine nature in a human form.
  • PADME means the lotus and it symbolizes your body awakening as the vehicle for your higher self.
  • HUM is the sound of compassion that will clear all your suffering by honoring your true divine nature.

Cost: $20 (Use Code: GRATITUDE50 for 50% discount)

Personalized Guided

Meditation (15-20 min)

You can customize your guided meditation for whatever your heart desires, including but not limited to healing, manifesting, releasing, raising vibrations, and connecting with divine teams/galactic families. Please note that the wait time in between when you place your order (tell me via email what you want the meditation to be about, and the completion of the personalized guided meditation) is between 2 to 3 weeks. I appreciate you and thank you for your patience!

Cost: $30

Oleksandra Sehin

“Oleksandra’s guided meditations & sound bowl experiences are truly transformational. Her soothing voice & magical sound bowls calm the soul and heal the spirit.”

Jill Rolston-Yates, RYT 200