How I Can Assist You

All my life I have had a strong sense of serving humanity by helping people to be reconnected with their higher being and their divine nature. The services that I offer through this site have both educational and spiritual purposes. They are designed to guide you through the ascension/ awakening process and to help you to balance and align your bodies (spiritual, mental, physical, emotional) with the highest vibration of the universe and your divine frequency.

The following services are offered on this site:

    • Guided Recorded and Personalized Meditations
    • Recorded and Live Workshops
    • Private Mentoring/Coaching Sessions


By listening to the recorded meditations, you will be guided on how to remove pain, trauma, and stress from your life as well as how to manifest your desired outcomes in your reality. In my meditations, along with the soothing effect of my voice, I also use different sound healing instruments with the purpose of bringing harmony, peace, and calmness to the body and mind.

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As of now I offer ten recorded workshops:

(1) The Journey of Souls and the Wonders of the Spirit World and Different Levels of Existence (Soul/Higher Self/Oversoul)

(2) The Understanding of Purpose, Destiny, and Karma

(3) The Understanding of the Concept Energy and Human/Galactic DNA Creation and Activation

(4) The Profound Effects of Sounds, Vibrations, Frequencies, Intent and Manifestations on Human Life and Beyond

(5) The Nature of Emotions and Physical Pain and Powerful Strategies for Maintaining a Balanced, Healthy and Joyful Life

(6) The Use of Energy Medicine and Different Healing/Self-Healing Modalities

(7) Human and Planetary Evolution and the Harvest and Veiling Processes on Planet Earth

(8) The Phenomena of the Hollow Earth, Inner and Outer World and the Dawning of a Golden Age of Miracles

(9) Different Characteristics of Starseed/Galactic Families and the Purpose of Confederation of Planets and Saturn Council

(10) The Creation of Different Universes and the Understanding of Intelligent Infinity, Portals, Galactic Center and Schumann Resonance

These workshops are divided into several parts and are accompanied by various meditative practices along with sound instruments to get a deeper understanding and feeling of the topics under discussion. After purchasing the workshop, you will be able to download the presentation and you can watch/listen to it as many times as needed. It is recommended to use headphones/earbuds for better sound quality transmission.

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I anticipate offering live workshops on the topics related to the spirituality soon. Please check this site for the most updated information and announcements of the upcoming workshops and other events.


My career path is closely related to spiritual mentoring and teaching. I have more than 15 years of experience teaching in higher education (teaching both young adults and the adult community). I developed a course on Mindfulness, Happiness, and Positive Thinking Toward Success to help students to stay calm, joyful, and focused while attaining knowledge/experience at the formal setting. I have also several years of experience leading in-person spiritual workshops as well as providing mentoring/coaching sessions for sensitive children/young adults/women in face-to-face and online formats. In my private sessions, I offer guidance based on my broad educational background, my own experiences with ascension and healing processes, and intuitive messages that are channeled from higher realms. Each mentoring/coaching session is uniquely customized to the needs of each person. These sessions can be accompanied with sound and/or quantum healing as well as oracle card reading to give you a holistic understanding on the questions of your interest. The sessions are conducted via Zoom or Google Meet and are recorded. You can watch the recording as many times as needed.

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I hope you will enjoy my services and will feel empowered and inspired to transform your life to your highest levels of existence.

Much love, happiness, and blessings to you!

“About two years ago, I had the world crumbling upon me with a terrifying heartbreak and a scary transition in my career. I was faced with immense uncertainty and trauma which caused emotional dysregulation. It was during that time frame when I encountered Dr. Sehin Oleksandra’s guidance on spirituality and mindfulness. Her advice gave me clarity to be able to think better and I started attending her monthly yoga and meditation workshops to practice spirituality. The healing process has been extremely smooth and satisfying for me. I regularly attend yoga and meditation workshops to stay consistent in my healing journey. I am grateful to have Dr. Oleksandra’s ideologies, philosophies, guidance, and the opportunity to practice spirituality to bring peace and tranquility in my hectic life.”

Maisha Farzana