My Journey

Spiritual Journey (Awakening Process)

My spiritual awakening started at the beginning of 2018. This was when I reached the lowest point of my self-awareness (I realized later it was my “dark night of the soul”). During that time, I felt surrounded by dense negative energy and had the feeling that I was losing myself in the process for self-discovery and the world around me.

My job, environment, and the people in my life were not bringing joy anymore but my soul, my heart, and my spirit were longing for peace, happiness, excitement and fulfillment. During that time, I have started asking the universe the question about the purpose of my existence in this world. I was literally on my knees begging for help to heal my heart, my soul, and my body. To my greatest surprise, the answers came almost immediately. I was guided to a YouTube channel, and this is where my swift awakening process started. Since that time almost every evening and every weekend I spent learning different aspects of the Ascension Process, and I took all opportunities to grow spiritually. I took courses in mediumships, healing (quantum and kundalini reiki), and light language. I have read countless books on topics related to the creation of the universe, souls’ development, and akashic records. I had numerous sessions with astrologers and spiritual teachers to better understand my purpose, my soul’s urge, and my soul contract for this incarnation. All these brought me such pleasant and peaceful feelings of being home again. At last I started feeling connected again with my heart and my higher being.

The period during 2019/2020 was the peak of my awakening process. I felt still slightly introspective as I had the feeling that I do not fit into this world and that I am behind a veil all the time. This was the time when my old self was dissolving, and my new self has not fully been born.

My full soul expansion started at the beginning of 2021. During that time I felt the expansion of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and I felt a strong sense of spiritual service. This sense of expansion was related to my personal growth through learning, through acquired and unlocked knowledge from my past incarnations as well as my direct access to the information/knowledge preserved and protected at the Galactic Center (center of the universe). My North Node (which is a compass for soul growth) is located right on the galactic center (27 degrees of Sagittarius). My soul’s journey in this lifetime is to really understand how the universe works. From my early childhood I didn’t feel a strong connection to the Earth (even though I love it dearly). I would often look at the sky and wonder what is there for me to learn and discover, why I have such a strong pull to this world which is still unknown to me. At the same time, I knew I had come to Earth to bring joy and peace, but I wasn’t fully aware on how I can accomplish it until I reached my awakening phase.

During that time of my awakening phase, I started receiving a lot of channeled information and new ideas of how to share the acquired knowledge with other people. For the past five years, I have spent a lot of time in deep thinking on esoteric and spiritual topics and have done a lot of research on how to introduce information/knowledge to people in a way that it is simple, entertaining and easy to understand. And that is when the idea of developing workshops was put into my mind by my higher self and my divine team.

At the beginning of 2022, I felt like a snake shedding its skin. I was stepping into my power and this feeling pushed me towards spiritual service. This was the time when I started putting into reality my ideas of upcoming workshops along with offering my healing meditations and mentoring practices.

Oleksandra Sehin, PhD

Healing Power of My Voice

During my awakening process, I have been working on self-healing my wounds from childhood trauma of identity and unworthiness (“I do not have a right to exist”) by using different healing modalities (light language, quantum healing, kundalini reiki). With the help of my divine team, ascended master, galactic beings of love and light and my divine feminine mentors (Hathors, Isis, Quan Yin, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and White Buffalo Woman), I have healed my ancestral lineage and cleared, balanced, and aligned my energy centers. I have healed traumas from my past incarnations with the help of my self-recorded affirmations and meditations. My voice has delta wave vibration which has calming and soothing effect on listeners.

Spiritual Teaching & Mentoring

The highest point of my career is linked to spiritual mentoring and teaching. In my teaching path, I love to combine philosophy with practice, knowledge with application. The best teaching technique is not by telling what to do but showing how to do it through personal experiences of everyone involved in this process.

My teaching philosophy is based on simplicity of presented information. I like finding simplicity in everything – in the stillness of nature, in the natural rhythm of the earth and in the way the knowledge is presented and shared with the audience. I have had a constant urge for self-improvement and my soul expansion which eventually resulted in developing courses and workshops on topics such as mindfulness, spirit world, creation of the universe and much more.

The Sense of Originality & Forensic Mind

My sun falls in the Aquarius house, and this impacted my personality and how I see the world. Being a rebel and feeling different as a child developed a strong sense of individuality as I got older. This also has drawn me to alternative ways of looking at medicine and education. I have always wanted to bring progressive ideas in these areas of life by focusing on alternative medicine (healing through voice and sounds) and making a learning process simplistic, methodical and more enjoyable. My penetrating and forensic mind has empowered me to dive deeper into spirituality.

Sensing Energy & Future Visionary

My ability to read peoples’ energies (energetically and through their voice vibrations) has helped me to recognize their true intensions and desires. Being sensitive to energy and being very clairvoyance makes me able to feel the future coming down the path. And at the same time my connection with the galactic center has activated in me my desire to be a future visionary.

Imagination and intuition have been always strong aspects of my life. I have always felt a strong connection between conscious and subconscious mind and a lot of information has been revealed to me in my dreams as well as in the way of knowing.

Service To Others

All my life I have had a very strong connection to freedom and a sense of spiritual service. I feel that spiritual work is my higher calling right now.

By offering educational knowledge and spiritual practices, I hope I will assist humanity to increase their vibration and to make choices that are for the highest good for all of us.

By going through the healing experiences on my own, now I want to offer my service to humanity by helping others in removing pain, trauma and stress from their bodies by the means of using my personally designed meditations with powerful affirmations and healing vibration of my voice.

Oleksandra Sehin

MA in English (Lviv, Ukraine)
Master’s in Public Administration (NYC/NY, USA)
PhD in Adult, Professional and Community Education (San Marcos/TX, USA)

Teaching/Mentoring Experience

  • More than 15 years of experience teaching in higher education (teaching both young adults and adult community). Developed a course on Mindfulness, Happiness, and Positive Thinking Towards Success.
  • Several years of experience leading in-person meditation workshops in a combination with yoga instructor, Jill Rolston, to local community in Austin, TX
  • Several years of experience providing spiritual mentoring sessions for sensitive children/young adults/women in person and online format.

“With her soothing voice and rich sounds, Oleksandra provides effective meditation that shifts my perspective, resolves my emotions, or helps me navigate my next steps. On my own, I struggle to meditate for two minutes, but I can easily immerse myself in her guided sound meditation for 7-15 minutes. What a simple and valuable self-investment!”