Knowledge & Universe

The Importance of Knowledge

Knowledge is the most powerful and important part of life. Humans learn new things every single day. We have all heard the saying, “Knowledge is Power” and we spend most of our lives trying to learn new things. We are constantly storing knowledge in our brains. Knowledge is the information, facts, principles, skills and understanding that can be acquired through formal education, our experiences, as well as messages/information we receive from the spirit world and the universe.

Knowledge Exists in Abundance

Knowledge exists in Abundance in the universe for those who would like to learn and grow in all areas in their lives, including spiritually. Knowledge can be obtained from the Akashic Records (the universe’s supercomputer system with all existing information on every soul, planet, galaxies, etc.), the Galactic Center (records with all information for our galaxy), our past experiences as well as learning through other peoples’ experiences. Knowledge is our doorway to freedom, joy, fulfilment, and enlightenment. Since knowledge is the fuel that drives human life, gaining knowledge is deemed the most primary activity that prepares us for a long and successful life.

“I’ve taken several meditation sessions with Oleksandra and I must say that it has been an amazing journey for me – from sound to silence and from limited identity to unlimited space. Through meditation practices, she has helped me to connect with my higher self and to boost my confidence in understanding how to build a positive relationship with my mind. Oleksandra guided me on how to transmute negative energy into love and light. Thank you!”

Aragelia Salazar