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Which services would be best for me to purchase?

There are a variety of services to choose from on this site, but it is most important that you follow your own guidance and intuition. Just take a few moments to relax and ask your higher self/your higher being to guide you to the most appropriate service or download for you. Go with your good feeling. You can also schedule a short private session so we can discuss what services will work best for your current situation.

Why have I not received the downloaded file I purchased?

Sometimes emails with the downloaded files can take up to 24 hours to reach the recipients, however in most cases they are instantly received. If you have not received the download you purchased, please check first your spam folder and then contact me directly. I will send the file to you as soon as possible.

Are the sessions confidential?

Yes, everything that happened during the private session is confidential. After you receive the recorded session for downloading, it will be deleted from my computer within several days.

If I missed the appointment, can I reschedule it without penalty?

If you miss a scheduled session for any reason, you will be granted one time to reschedule without penalty. If you miss a second scheduling, you will forfeit the session and no refund will be given.

Can I get refund for purchased services (recorded meditations/workshops and private sessions)?

All sales are final and are non-refundable. Please read Terms & Conditions before purchasing recorded meditations/workshops or booking private sessions.

How do I book mentoring/coaching session?

Click on Book session and it will take you to Calendar page, then choose day and time suitable for you. After you enter your details and click on Payment Options, you will receive the email with confirmation and a link for a booked session. If you have not received email within 30 minutes, please contact me directly. Please read Terms & Conditions before booking any sessions.

“Oleksandra’s meditation on Accumulating Love and Inner Peace came at an extremely difficult period of my life, where I was experiencing inner turmoil, mistrust and unforgiveness. Her mollifying voice guided me and gave me reassurance and avenues to release the inner turmoil I was experiencing. The forgiveness guidance I received during her meditation session would bring the inner peace I desired for healing of my mind and later my body. The anxiety, exhaustion and mistrust were all connected to my state of mind and health. My biggest breakthrough was realizing that love was such a powerful feeling that would raise the energy vibration levels and as I loved myself and those who hurt me, I was not only relaxing my body through this meditation experience but allowing positive energy to heal and balance my entire body. I truly enjoyed my experience and I have continued the unconditional love process in every aspect of my life. This brings me an inner joy I never expected to experience this soon. Thank you Oleksandra!”